Seniors establish college admissions program for disadvantaged students

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Inspired to “leave [the] city no less but greater than [they] found it,” seniors Walid Rahman and Wilmer Montesdeoca founded College Admissions Mentoring Program (CAMP), a program designed to guide rising seniors through the college admissions process.

CAMP aims to match high achieving, low-income students with Questbridge mentors who attend some of the best colleges in the nation. Mentors help students with scholarship applications, essay writing, and interviewing, which are all skills to be used beyond high school.

With thirty members and counting, the newly-founded organization has already shown success in the community.

Wilmer said “I have been able to help many of my classmates appeal their financial aid award and receive the money needed to realize their dream of attending that college.”

Thanks to this program, a number of students were successful in getting into their dream colleges.

“Even if they don’t get into the college of their choice the process itself is life changing because you gain skills you will use beyond just this process,” said Walid.

The duo plans on maintaining contact with mentors that live across the nation through social networking. To keep the tradition alive at Harris, they plan on establishing mentors in New York. Mentors that are not local will stay in touch with their mentees online.

The two agree that the process has been overwhelming, but they have gained skills that last a lifetime.

“I want to pass it forward and help the kids in my community unlock their potential, desire to learn, and commitment towards excellence,” said Wilmer.