In-person Career day set to return after four years


Janaya Sydney

Townsend Harris reintroduces Career Day after a while due to the pandemic, and students look forward to opportunities offered at the events.

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After a long, pandemic-induced hiatus, Townsend Harris will host an in-person Career Day tomorrow, April 28, where students will have the opportunity to learn about careers they may be interested in pursuing in the future.

For the past three years, Career Day has been unable to operate in person due to Covid restrictions. As a result, no current THHS students have ever experienced the occasion before, and this year will be their first. 

At the beginning of April, students were given a form to fill out where they ranked the top five career presentations they wanted to attend. 

On Friday, students will be given a program of scheduled events, where they will go to three different rooms to meet with professionals in particular fields over the course of the day. They’ll spend the time listening to different speakers talk about their career and educational backgrounds, as well as answer questions. 

Assistant Principal Veronica York, who organized the event, said she is hoping to expose students to “a broad range of careers and professionals in that career field” where students will be able to “open up new opportunities they’ll be able to ask and have their questions answered.” 

She added that Career Day “gives students one more opportunity and creates a wonderful learning environment for our student body. For some students this has even turned into internship opportunities, which always makes me very happy.” 

Students shared their excitement for the upcoming event. Sophomore Anton Rud said he thought it was important to have Career Day since it “will expose students to a plethora of intriguing career possibilities.”

Sophomore Maria Camila Pantino said she had high hopes for Career Day, and wanted to “come out of [Career Day] with new knowledge and hope for the future.”

 Sophomore Sahir Sadat said he was looking forward to “learning about opportunities to start these careers early, whether it be through internships or other methods.

He added, “I think Career Day is important because it allows us to figure out what career paths we have an interest in and actually make a decision about what we want to do for a living.”