Editor’s Farewell: A&E

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Photo by Yash Sharma
Photo by Yash Sharma

I remember a few days before Mr. Sweeney asked me to be Arts and Entertainment editor, I considered quitting The Classic in my senior year, thinking that I just wouldn’t have the time. Being an editor on The Classic truly made my senior year one of the best years of high school.

The A&E section took on new heights this year. We had a larger staff than ever before and were able to review more movies, TV shows, books, concerts, albums,and events. We took home two awards from the Harvard journalism conference and none of this would have been possible without the help of many.

Without the devotion, talent, and boundless energy of my co-editor, Jennifer Walsh, the A&E section would not have been such a success. Jen took on the challenge of contacting production companies to ask if our measly little high school paper could have free tickets to screenings of the year’s top movies, and by some grace of the journalism gods they agreed. And of course she has an unparalleled sense of pun.

The A&E writers, of course, are the heart of the section. As a whole, I think the writing talent of the A&E writers has multiplied this year. Your sharp and witty writing never ceases to amuse me.

Lastly, there’s Mr. Sweeney. He’s been the driving force behind The Classic’s major improvements this year. From selling ads, to organizing the middle school journalism conference, to redesigning the Clave, to insisting on some particularly challenging layouts, there were many times when I thought “There is no way this is happening.” Yet there were few things it seemed we couldn’t do.