Delivery Rules Addressed

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Despite rumors of policy changes surrounding food ordering, the administration has decided to continue allowing the senior grade to order food to the school.

   However, the administration is focused on enforcing existing rules regarding deliveries  due to issues with security in the previous years, as delivery men would roam around the school.

   “It should not be part of the Townsend Harris culture to have delivery men roaming around in the third to sixth floor. We have allowed this before but we are now trying to hold a line to say if you order something, you must be in the lobby or the front door to pick it up,”stated Assistant Principal Ellen Fee.

   Security officer Denise Lashley stated, “The problem is that [delivery men] are able to go throughout the building without going through any security. So if I let them upstairs and one of the students gets into trouble, how would I feel?”

    Dean Robin Figelman stated, “If you get caught calling with your phone, you’ll get your phone taken. If you get caught answering your phone, you’ll get your phone taken and you are not going to be able to get your food. You can order anything you want as long as you make the phone call outside.”

   The rules also ask student to avoid bringing a takeout tray into the cafeteria. “You can’t take outside food into the cafeteria because the lunchroom people don’t want you to bring outside food because they want kids to buy the school food,” explained Ms. Figelman.

   “We’re the only school that allows food to be delivered,” stated senior Dilpreet Singh, “I really didn’t want to lose that.”

  After further clarification, the student population calmed down. Senior Yaseen Mohammed stated, “The school’s trying to push the idea that while inside, anything that does not directly aid in education can’t be used. I don’t think this changes anything at all, besides reinforcing the standard of educational integrity THHS is known for.”