Glamour Gals fundraises for causes

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This month, Glamour Gals took the lead in fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. Declaring this a “Month of Awareness,” the Glamour Gals worked from October 5-16 to raise money for Breast Cancer research, and from October 19-30 to raise money for domestic abuse victims.

The Glamour Gals will give the donations collected from the weeks of breast cancer awareness to the Susan G. Komen foundation, and the donations collected from the weeks of domestic violence awareness to “Put a Nail In It,” an organization that aims to end domestic violence.

Club advisor Raquel Chung first thought of the idea to bring a “Month of Awareness” to THHS because of the Glamour Gals organization’s mission to help women in need.

Ms. Chung added, “The mission of the Glamour Gals is to provide companionship and comfort to elderly women who experience loneliness and neglect. Breast cancer is just one of the concerns of our elderly female population, so it makes sense to offer our support. ”

The club’s co-presidents, seniors Rebecca Kwon and Lena Kung, were eager to take the project to the next level.

Lena noted, “October is both Breast Cancer and Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. We realized that our school doesn’t do anything to raise awareness and we wanted to change that.”