SciOly looks for a strong showing at Regionals this weekend

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The Science Olympiad Regional will be taking place this Saturday, and team members are busy preparing for the competition.

Townsend Harris is sending three teams of fifteen people to compete in the 25 different events. The students who are competing have been studying for this competition since September, and now the time has come to prove themselves.

SciOly president Jasmine Brite explained, “I feel like our whole team has been preparing and now it’s crunch time to bring everything together.”

Team members are confident that their hard work will pay off and that they have done everything to the best of their abilities. Some even started studying during winter break to further their skills.

Team Captain Aaron Fernando said, “The best part of being on the team is having other people to help and support you. The coaches also help a bunch and have all kinds of advice for us.”

At regional competitions, the top ten teams from each topic win medals and the top five move on to the state competitions. Last year, the THHS team placed first in the NYC Regionals and seventh in New York State.

Many of the team members believe this year will be no different. Junior Gabrielle Mompalao expressed, “I think we’ll definitely place in the top three. There’s a good chance we’ll finish first but as always there are other schools that have excellent teams.”

Jasmine affirmed, “You don’t have to be the best in science to do amazing in the club or team. You learn along the way and make plenty of friends who root for you at every competition. I can’t wait for this weekend. We have worked hard to prepare, and hopefully, we can bring home the gold.”

With additional reporting by Jamie Rosen