THHS faculty writes letter to Mayor de Blasio

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Dear Classic Editors,

On Thursday, March 16th, the Townsend Harris faculty delivered a letter to the Mayor expressing our grave concern about the C-30 process to appoint a permanent principal at Townsend Harris High School.

When Ms. Jahoda was first appointed, I reached out to her and met with her to welcome her before school opened for the fall term.  Like most of my colleagues, I welcomed her with an open mind and with the hope that she would be the leader we needed.  However, it became abundantly clear from early on that Ms. Jahoda was not only a bad fit for our school, but a corrosive force that started to erode the very fabric that defined our beloved school.  What she could not have known was how deeply we care for Townsend Harris as a community—staff, students, parents, and alumni—and how passionately we were willing to fight to preserve OUR school.  The collective efforts of all stakeholders have roared loud and clear.  Now we must wait for the decision of Superintendent Lindsey.  Will she listen to the voices of the stakeholders who spoke loud and clear at the Level 1 meeting?  Many are worried and feel their voices will not be heard.  But I am confident that we will prevail and that justice will be rendered.

I am attaching a copy of the letter sent to the Mayor by the overwhelming majority of the staff members.

Franco Scardino
Teacher of Social Studies
UFT Chapter Leader
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”thhs-letter_20170316151410″]