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The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

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The Student-Run Newspaper of Townsend Harris High School at Queens College

The Classic

Freedom of expression and football

Freedom of expression and football

Ariba Khan December 13, 2017

By Ariba Khan, staff writer The start of this year’s NFL season brought massive buzz to the internet. The most discussed topic about football this year is not about the best team or the rivalries,...

Music opinion piece

Music opinion piece

Sebastian Pas November 6, 2017

The past few months have been some of the most turmoil-filled in recent history due to the shambles of our country’s political scene. President Donald Trump has made it his duty to create conflict...

THHS faculty writes letter to Mayor de Blasio

Dear Classic Editors, On Thursday, March 16th, the Townsend Harris faculty delivered a letter to the Mayor expressing our grave concern about the C-30 process to appoint a permanent principal at Townsend...

Letter to the editor on behalf of three student clubs: Ms. Jahoda, withdraw from the C-30

Zion Kim, GSA members, and MSA members March 14, 2017

What follows is an open letter written to Ms. Jahoda on behalf of three student clubs.  Dear Interim Acting Principal Jahoda, The Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Gender and Sexuality Alliance...

Letter to the Editor: Time for alumni to join the protests

Debra Michlewitz February 23, 2017

"Now is the time...."  The crisis facing Townsend Harris High School looms ominously. The school faces an existential threat in the impending appointment of a principal.  If this weren't a real threat,...

Letter to the editor: Queens stands together

Sangida Akter February 22, 2017

Dear student body, Recent times have spurred within our country tension, division, confusion, and pain. As a school, we’ve taken steps to reinforce our values of diversity and unity through a recent...

From The Classic Editors: Ms. Jahoda, it’s time to stop being “unavailable”

The Classic Editors February 1, 2017

Dear Ms. Jahoda, As you might be aware, recently, Donald J. Trump’s advisor Stephen K. Bannon declared that “The media here is the opposition party,” just days after Mr. Trump said that there is...

Are we sanitizing Trump in this year’s election simulation?

Are we sanitizing Trump in this year’s election simulation?

The Editors November 2, 2016

This year marks one of the most controversial races in American history, and students are excited to emulate Donald Drumpf and Hillary Clinton in Townsend Harris’s annual election simulation. Most recently,...


Kristine Guillaume June 13, 2016
Let’s give it up for Affirmative Action, every black college applicant’s new best friend. Without you, AA, we could never have made it to such great heights. Yes, we know, we were the ones who sat for college interviews and scored well on standardized exams.

Remove the stigma of interfaith dating

Irene Soekiswo April 24, 2016
In our society, there are many interracial and homosexual couples, but there are very few interfaith couples. Interfaith dating has been labeled taboo, mainly because of parents, as most want their sons and daughters to date and...

I’m not your Nigga

Jillissa Drayton April 5, 2016
I am no stranger to expectant stares. In every single history class I have ever attended, eyes would shift towards me, waiting to see my reaction whenever the topic of slavery would come up. Being one of the few black people in the room, as I so often am..
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