Letter to the Editor: Time for alumni to join the protests

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“Now is the time….”  The crisis facing Townsend Harris High School looms ominously. The school faces an existential threat in the impending appointment of a principal.  If this weren’t a real threat, the Department of Education would have given some indication that it understood the objections that have been raised and documented. We’ve written, rallied, and protested at the school without any solid, affirmative assurance that the DOE sees what we so clearly see.  On Friday, February 24th, the Student Union will stage a rally on the steps of City Hall. Various elected officials will address the students.  The current student body has done its part in trying to live up to the Ephebic Oath.  For these students and future students, I think we should lend our support.   I’ll be there on Friday and I hope that all alumni who can will meet us there.

Debra Michlewitz

Teacher of Humanities / English