Letter to the editor: Queens stands together

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Dear student body,

Recent times have spurred within our country tension, division, confusion, and pain. As a school, we’ve taken steps to reinforce our values of diversity and unity through a recent Town Hall as well as the “This is Our School” banner that now hangs in the lobby. It is in this same spirit of unity that our very own alum Ethan Felder has taken on the brave initiative of organizing a Queens specific rally entitled “Queens Stands Together,” on Feb 26th at 11 AM in MacDonald Park, Forest Hills. It is an event that encourages not taking sides on recent politics, but rather reassuring and reminding the Queens community that diversity is an integral part of what we love about our borough.

At a time when tension is high within America, Queens, being one of the most diverse places in the world, is an example that our country should look towards. With a long history of peaceful co-existence and celebration of cultures, Queens is well loved by many. Townsend Harris High School, situated at the heart of Queens, truly reflects that spirit. Here, our teachers and peers represent a multitude of countries, religions, and backgrounds, which is reflected in one of our biggest events of the year—Festival of Nations (FON). As FON nears, I urge you to take a moment to bring your energy and appreciation for culture to the Queens Stands Together Rally.

What began as a sincere intention to let the people of Queens know that we are a community soon transformed into a rally that garnered the interest of over 1,000 people. As Harrisites, we should definitely go out of our way to support an alum who has taken on such a commendable task. We will be meeting in front of THHS on the 26th at 10 AM and taking the Q64 bus for a 15 minute ride to the rally. Please do your very best to attend.


Sangida Akter, Muslim Student Association Co-President