Townsend Harris student walks in New York Fashion Week

Townsend Harris student walks in New York Fashion Week
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By Samantha Alzate, staff writer

Chasing after her dreams, Ayanna Fontaine, a current sophomore at Townsend Harris High School, had the chance to model during New York Fashion Week. This once-in-a lifetime opportunity has further developed her passion for the industry.

Ayanna, on February 10th, walked the runway for LonDon’s Pink Apparel. Recognized for their use of prints and bold designs, London Pink Apparel has been a hit year after year. The implementation of neutral colors, such as black, white, and gray, help the outfits speak for themselves. Certain garments include the use of a gold prints for the purpose of cohesion and drawing attention to the model. They help young girls unleash their inner diva. With fierce designs and even fiercer models, LonDon’s Pink Apparel is on the verge of becoming a popular brand.

Walking for New York Fashion Week can launch any young model’s career. For Ayanna, this was a new adventure, but definitely not her last. Prior to the February show, she “had never done something like this before. I did a pageant when I was in eighth grade.” Taking this into consideration, Ayanna received the life-changing call through her agent. She states, “My aunt knows people and she promotes me every now and then. She tells my agent and my agent tells me and I got into [New York Fashion Week].” Seeing this event and its impact on her modeling career, she immediately took the opportunity.

The show itself was a new area to explore for Ayanna. On February 10th, the stakes were at their highest, with everyone backstage trying to make the event a success. “It was different. It was interesting. My agent told me to wear no makeup. She told me to wear my natural hair. I go there and the people were late and so I ended up walking with no makeup on. I was hurt. I felt that my pictures could have come out better but other than that, it was very crowded with the models going in and out and having to change. Meeting people who work in that industry was really fun.”

Despite there being various famous designers present, Ayanna was able to own the runway. In fact, she was given the opportunity to attend the Hollywood Fashion Week in April. She will be flying out to California to take part in a similar event. Yet another adventure awaits Ayanna in the future.

With all the lights and the cameras, you are bound to make mistakes on the runway. Ayanna advises, “The best thing I can say, if it’s your first time, definitely bring your own makeup just in case. When you’re walking, try not to look at the people who are sitting in the important chairs. That just shows you’re nervous. Walk with confidence and a smile is the best feature you can have.”