5 Seconds of Summer: back from hiatus

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After two years of unreleased music, the Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer is finally releasing new music and going on a worldwide spring tour, 5SOS3. With only two songs officially released from their new upcoming album Youngblood, the band is giving fans the opportunity to hear some of their unreleased songs by performing them live on tour. Students who attended the show were able to describe their experience seeing the band, and fans, in general, gave us insight on how they feel about the band’s new music.

5SOS’s third album, Youngblood, is set to release on June 22 with the standard album having 13 songs and the deluxe album having 16. So far, the band has only released two songs off the new album: “Want You Back” and “Youngblood.” However, while on tour, 5SOS decided to perform some of their unreleased songs from the album such as “Lie to Me,” “Talk Fast,” “Moving Along,” and “Valentine.” Fans that have already attended shows from the tour were able to record the unreleased songs and post them to Youtube for other fans to hear.

While the opportunity of listening to the unreleased songs exists, some fans choose not to listen to them, but instead plan on waiting for the studio versions to come out. “I am waiting for the studio versions just because it’s more official and I don’t want to judge anything that soon and without a proper understanding of it,” stated freshman Ruqaiya Mithani. “The studio versions would be more refined and what the band wants me to hear and what they approve of. I want to receive information from them so that I can form an honest and fair opinion.”

The release of their new and more mature music after a two-year hiatus has surprised many fans. “The music they are releasing now is more mature and has a different sound than their previous works. Right now, because they came back after a large gap, their style has grown into something more complicated and layered,” stated Ruqaiya Mithani.

As for the tour, 5SOS3 created a new dynamic to the band’s previous shows. The duration of the concerts was much shorter than expected. “We waited two hours for a forty-five-minute performance,” says senior Dana Petrasovic who attended the New York City show on April 12. “But I still had a great time.” This was unforeseen by many fans since the band’s previous concerts typically lasted between one to two hours.

The tour also differed from the group’s previous tours, as the limited quantity of tickets per venue allowed for a more relaxed and comfortable setting. “In comparison to shows that 5SOS normally does, it was really intimate and such a small space that you could really hear the audience and how much they loved the songs and being there,” said junior Haley Aber, who also attended the April show in Manhattan.

Many of the small venues sold out within seconds due to the high demand, and all shows for the 5SOS3 tour are currently sold out. After not being chosen for the pre-sale, junior Yajaira Palaguachi tried to purchase general sale tickets but according to her,“they were all sold out within seconds. The only tickets that were on sale were fan resale tickets.” These resale tickets ranged from $250 to $700 compared to the original $30 price. Yajaira and many other fans were not able to attend their tour for this reason.

5 Seconds of Summer has recently announced another tour in addition to the current spring tour: “Meet You There.” The band’s second tour of the year, it will take place from August to October. In comparison to the 5SOS3 tour, “Meet You There” will be similar to previous tours that took place in mostly arenas and other large venues. Fans that missed out on attending their spring tour have the opportunity to see them now or attend for a second time. Yajaira, who previously missed out on getting tickets for the spring tour, said she plans on going to their next nearby show. “I really need to see them live; it’s been too long,” she explained.  “I will go to so many lengths just so I can attend that concert and will try my best to attend.”