THHS to be featured on NBC’s new show Manifest

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The exterior of Townsend Harris High School is to be featured on  NBC’s new show Manifest. Filming will commence on Friday, September 7.

Ellen Fee, the assistant principal of organization, revealed that “for the last four years, we’ve had location scouts come look at Townsend Harris to see if we’re an appropriate television or movie set…so we keep getting excited because something’s going to happen and then it falls through, but this is the first time that’s going to happen.” She explained, “Queens College is the main site for the filming, and they are just using our school for a corner shot.” The school will be transformed into a government official building, while its entrance/exit leading onto Queens College will be used as a Guard’s Booth.

Students exiting the building can expect to see signs stating, “GOVERNMENT PROPERTY: AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” plastered on the walls of the school. This exciting event has been organized by Ms. Fee and the show’s Assistant Location Managers Tommy South and Josh Lajoie. Ms. Fee commented, “I think it’s really funny that an outside person agrees with many of the Townsend Harris students that our building, especially from the back, looks like a scary, government building.”

Manifest revolves around the turbulent but routine flight of Montego Air Flight 828. The crew and passengers are relieved to have finally landed, only to discover that they have been considered missing for the past five years. Dealing with changes they don’t fully understand, the characters are left to pick up the pieces in order to figure out what truly happened. What they soon realize is that they may be part of something greater.

Manifest premieres September 24 on NBC at 10:00 PM.