Experience the World in One Night at Queens International Night Market

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Opening September 29 every Saturday from 6pm to midnight, Queens International Night Market highlights the cultural diversity of New York with up to 100 vendors ranging from food to art.

Located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park behind the Hall of Science, the night market caters to the diverse population of New York with an equally diverse selection of foods, ranging from appetizers to desserts. Popular vendors include Burmese Bites, Moffle Bar and Moon Man. Senior Lucy Yang, who visited over the summer, said Moon Man, which served Indonesian styled desserts, was her favorite. She especially enjoyed the “unique flavors” as “it was different” to her than other vendors. We spoke with Malini Horiuchi, the author of popular food blog The Restaurant Fairy, who also recommended Moon Man to those new to the Queens Night Market, saying that the “Kue Pancong [and] Kue Putu” are her favorites.

Since the Queens Night Market is still relatively new to New York, here are some quick tips from frequent visitors. Horiuchi suggests that you “go early and stay late” to really experience the different cultures the market showcases.

Let’s see what we can get for $30:

Starting at C Bao for appetizers, these Taiwanese style pork buns are $6 each. If you’re thirsting for a drink instead, Panda Cafe specializes in an assortment of bubble teas for about $2.50. With $21.50 remaining, the main course awaits at The Malaysian Project, one of the most popular food stands of the night. It’s known for the Ramly Burger, where the Malaysian spiced meat is wrapped in a fried egg. Though it is a little more on the expensive side, the portions are worth the price. After tackling that burger, we land at the Moon Man, where its Indonesian coconut pancake, Kue Pancong, has proved to be a fan favorite.

With our stomachs full, we head over to the art section with still $5.50 remaining and unwind in the midst of food, fun, and laughter.

Photo Courtesy of Colleen Chang