Girls varsity volleyball team proves resilient after loss in the playoffs

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By Antonella Abreu and Kim Kayla, Staff Writers 

With an 8 and 2 regular season, the Townsend Harris Girls Varsity Volleyball team charged proudly into playoffs in the beginning of this November. They made it three rounds before losing to Hunter High School. After a strong showing this fall, the team is optimistic about the 2019 season.

This year, the team was able to secure their spot in the Top 10 in New York for the first time in Townsend Harris history by defeating defending division champs, Benjamin Cardozo High School, and long-time rival Francis Lewis High School. With remarkable efforts, the Lady Hawks proved that they were a force to be reckoned with this volleyball season.

Junior Samantha Liu, the starting defense specialist said, “Going into the season, I had high hopes for the team. I knew that we were a lot stronger than last year and that we would set the bar higher for future THHS volleyball teams.”

Incoming sophomore Tiffany Liu was new to the team at the beginning of September but was quickly welcomed into the family of the team. “I don’t know how the team was like in previous years, but…I can say that we were so successful this year because we were a team. Everyone worked extremely hard both on the court and on the sidelines.”

The focus on making the team feel like a family was key this season, according to the players. Sophomore setter Zoe Tylipakis said, “Our chemistry was one of the best things that made us succeed this year. Having a close connection and enjoying the game next to each other makes us different from a lot of other teams.” Junior Athena Stockdale agreed, saying that the team bonded quickly and enjoyed being together from the start.

Athletic director Lauren Caiaccia said, “I think it’s excellent that our teams are performing at such a high level and that we try to create an environment that produces success as well as maintains that team chemistry and excitement for their sport.’’

Captain RosaLydia Caputo, who has been on the volleyball team for all of her four years at high school, was extremely proud of her team for bringing her all the way to the quarterfinals in her last season. “Since I will not be on the team next year, I hope the close of this season leaves everyone hungry to win it all. I hope everyone continues to give all of their effort and play with their hearts,” she said.

Captain Rosa continued with a message to her team: “I can’t wait to see you guys win it all. I will be right on the sidelines cheering you all on! I can not wait to see how much you accomplish next year!”