FON to premiere this weekend

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With the Festival of Nations starting on Friday, many students are excited to see and participate in the production. For the first time, there will be four performances for FON, with matinee and evening shows on both Friday and Saturday. 

Tickets are now on sale during all lunch bands and cost $10 each. Students who wish to see the show with no cost can attend a viewing of the dress rehearsal on Wednesday, February 26. 

 Students participating expressed their excitement for the upcoming shows.

Freshman Valery Gaona said, “I’m excited to show everyone what I have been doing for the past few months and performing overall.” 

Senior Christina Ramsarran added, “I am most excited to get to dance with my friends. As a senior I’m excited and sad at the same time because it’s the last time I get to participate in FON.” 

Aside from the dancing, a big part of FON is the costumes— from traditional outfits from head-to-toe to t-shirts designed by students. Junior Stacey Roy said, “I’m really looking forward to the whole process of dressing up and taking pictures with my friends in our FON costumes,” said junior Stacey Roy. “I think the days of the actual performance are so exciting because everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive of each other. It is such an inclusive and social event, where no matter how much of a good dancer you may or may not be, you’re bound to feel included and have a good time.”

Even those off the stage feel the excitement surrounding the culmination of this FON season. Social studies teacher Blayne Gelbman said, “ [After watching] the dry run through where I got to see all the performances, I thought it was really cool being able to see from the very beginning the evolution of the performances and how much better they became. Getting to see [the  performances] come together has also been so cool.”

Junior Ruqaiya Mithani said, “I am excited to see the teamwork that each group has because when I see practices in the hall, they seem discombobulated to say the least, but they always come together in the end.”