This holiday’s must-watch movies

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  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
    • A Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely a Christmas classic for our generation. There are many elements in the movie to look forward to, especially the charming, quirky characters. The Pumpkin King steals the screen along with other lovable characters. As sophomore Rachael Barnes put it, A Nightmare Before Christmas“ would be a good movie to watch on Christmas because, other than the fact that the animation is phenomenal, the music is really, really good too!” The movie is perfect to watch with the entire family with its beautiful animation and unique characters. 
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 
    • Jim Carrey’s goofy yet engaging version of Dr. Seuss’ famous curmudgeon remains a Christmas classic even after its release 20 years ago. In the film, the grumpy Grinch plans to ruin Christmas in Whoville, but he begins to change his ways after meeting young Cindy Lou Who. “I love the movie [because] for one it’s hilarious and such a good movie to watch with your family…the story is really nice and really embodies how Christmas is about being happy and with the ones you love and not about gifts or anything [materialistic],” said sophomore Arietta Xylas. The stunning visuals and Carry’s great acting make it a great choice for a family movie night during the holidays.
  • A Christmas Story
    • This family comedy has maintained its status as a Christmas movie done right. In the movie, young Ralphie Parker battles a bully and has to deal with his grouchy dad, all while hoping for his dream gift to arrive for Christmas. Nostalgic, comedic, jolly, and great for children of all ages, A Christmas Story is a delight to watch, especially around Christmas time. 
  • The Polar Express
    • The Polar Express takes viewers on a magical journey to the North Pole filled with “exciting [and] memorable scenes that make the movie loveable,” expressed sophomore Anjelene Lacuas. The hot chocolate number, as well as the scene of the golden ticket traveling through the frozen forest and miraculously returning to the train are highlights among the movie’s captivating scenes. It also brilliantly showcases the magic of Christmas through the beautiful scenery and landscapes traversed by the train on its way to the North Pole. And if those weren’t enough, the cleverly incorporated and inspiring message to simply believe is what makes The Polar Express a favorite among Christmas movies.
  • Home Alone Series
    • Considered some of the greatest, if not the greatest, Christmas movies of all time, the Home Alone movies remain iconic for their Christmas-centered setting and famous battles at the end, especially the first two movies. Troublemaker Kevin McCallister constantly finds a way to be separated from his family during Christmas time, having to fend for and protect himself from two dim-witted neighborhood thieves. As sophomore Steven Yee put it, “I’ve watched [the Home Alone series] when I was younger and [they] bring a sense of nostalgia…The movies were enjoyable in a goofy way too.” The beautiful music, hilarious moments, and Christmas-themed movies of the Home Alone series are great holiday films.
  • The Santa Clause
    • You can’t complete a Christmas movie marathon without rewatching this holiday favorite. Watch  Tim Allen take on the role of Scott Calvin, a divorced businessman who must take over the role of Father Christmas after accidentally killing Santa and being subjected to the “Santa Clause.” It’s got magic, warmth, comedy, and a relatable family dynamic at its core that remind children and adults alike of the importance of believing, since “seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” 
  • Elf
    • In this family favorite, Director Jon Favreau depicts a story of a son and father that have been separated when Buddy, the son, was a toddler. Buddy had been mistakenly transported to the North Pole and was living with Santa’s elves. Follow along as the duo comedically attempts to make up for lost time, and ultimately, finds out what the meaning of family is. “[Elf] has comedic elements. The protagonist was funny and executed his role perfectly,” commented freshman Matthew Xu.  This family comedy will surely get you in the Christmas spirit!