Senior Isaac Pulatov races to the top of PSAL charts

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Senior track captain Isaac Pulatov has broken both individual and team records in this year’s spring track season.

At the Queens Championships on May 13 at Bayside High School, Isaac ran in the 4×8 relay race, two-mile race, and mile race, finishing in first, second, and third place, respectively.

Queens Championships is a track meet that is comprised of both overall team events and individual events. Each athlete can only compete in a maximum of three races, and the Townsend Harris boys finished third place overall at the championships.

In every 4×8 relay race, four team members run 800 meters each in a collaborative effort. At the Queens Championships, Isaac anchored for the team, running last of the four and finishing with a personal time of 2:16. The team finished with a time of 8:53.

“The highlight of my season was winning the 4×8 relay with my teammates because that will allow us to compete at the City Championships, and qualifying for the championships has been my main goal since freshman year,” said Isaac.

Isaac’s two-mile time at the Queens Championships was 10:33, only two seconds longer than his personal record of 10:31.

Isaac at the Howard Richter Invitational.
Isaac at the Howard Richter Invitational. Photo by Yash Sharma.

Finishing the two-mile race with a time of 10:31 allowed him to provisionally qualify for city championships. His mile time at the championships was 5:02, ten seconds longer than his personal best, 4:52. Isaac currently has the fastest two-mile time and the second fastest mile time on the team.

“Throughout the season a lot of athletes were qualifying in events such as the pole-vault, the discus, and the steeple-chase, and I felt like I needed to legitimize myself and never felt complacent with my performance,” said Isaac.

Isaac was also invited to compete in the two-mile race at the Mayor’s Cup, which is a prestigious invitational meet for private, parochial, and public schools in New York City. There, he ran a two-mile with a time of 10:54. In addition, he was invited to the New York relays, one of the biggest invitational meets in the city, where he ran a 10:58 two-mile.

The 4×8 team ran 8:48 at the relays, the fastest time for this event in the past four years at Harris.

“I knew time was running out and I wanted to make the most out of my high school experience with the track team. I also had a lot of teammates who were also distance runners who are doing just as well or better than me, so just by performing so well they motivated me to do better. Halfway through the season I learned how to enjoy racing. Before, I always had this mentality that I had to mentally and physically exhaust myself each time, and that was very scary, but this season I learned to just relax and not let the pain bother me,” said Isaac.

Isaac is graduating from the team with high hopes of its future.

“I’m going to miss training with this current team, especially since next year Townsend Harris will probably have the best group of distance runners in Queens.”