Grill Point receives A rating

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Serving “Glatt Kosher Israeli and Middle Eastern food” since 2003, Grill Point, located on Main Street and Jewel Avenue in Flushing, is just seven short blocks away from Townsend Harris. This eatery is a great option as a place to get lunch or dinner within our school’s locale.

When I walked in, I noted the rotisseries of shawarma (sliced grill meat, similar to Greek gyro meat) in the storefront, displayed with great pride. The interior was a bit dull, but this didn’t draw away from the food much, since I was ordering out.

The salads and sauces were distinctly fresh. The meats were from the shawarma broiler or placed directly onto a large griddle to cook while you waited. The staff was very helpful and friendly: they clearly explained my options for toppings and ingredients to go with what I ordered, and didn’t withhold advice about the best components of an enjoyable sandwich.

I ordered the Kofta kabob on pita bread along with water, but I was also able to get a sizable helping from a varied salad bar at the restaurant’s front. I opted for some cole slaw and a few hot peppers, neither of which disappointed. After I served myself salad, the pita bread for my sandwich was sliced open and filled with hummus, parsley, onions, tomato-cucumber salad, and the meat, with the kabob fully cooked on the grill and ready to eat.

Though pricey (since labeled as certified-Kosher), I was impressed by the sheer quality of my whole meal. The bursts of flavor in the kabob and sandwich made for a great lunch. I can assure you that I truly enjoyed the food that I ordered from this establishment, and I highly recommend that everyone try it at least once.


Food: A

Décor: B

Service: A-

Overall: A