The latest from the wrestling, track, and table tennis teams



Members of winter sports teams share their current standings and what they look forward to this season.

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As winter sports pick up, Townsend Harris teams are off to a tremendous start. Here’s this week’s updates on the Wrestling, Table Tennis, and Track teams.

After their initial loss against East Harlem Pride, the Wrestling team has made an impressive comeback with a win against Inwood Academy last Friday. 

Comparing this year’s team to last year’s team, sophomore Ana Montan said, “I think that even though we lost some great wrestlers, we have a lot of new talent plus our really strong returners as well.” Considering many new members with varying strengths have entered their team and have been practicing diligently, they hope to have a bright future ahead. 

The Girls Varsity Table Tennis team has had a strong start to their season as well, with a recent  win  against Queens High School Complex. The team recognized sophomores Rubi Kim and Meshva Patel for their outstanding performances. 

Before her match, Meshva said, “This team has really improved from last year because we’ve had a lot of proper training and practices so far. I’m really proud of us and I think we’ll win more matches to come.” 

With the Boys Indoor Track team also bringing in success, junior Evan Martorella reflected on his time on the team and in training, saying, “The training has been intense and we are always putting [in] our all whenever we practice. During practice we always start off with two laps around our track and then our stretches. Our practice usually consists of ladders which go from 100m to 400m and then back down. We also typically run four 400 meter laps.”

Focusing on achieving the fastest possible time to complete their runs, running with the correct form, and improving endurance, the team has shown a lot of progress in their three meets so far. 

“It’s a very competitive environment and no one was playing around,” said Evan. “Every time before we start we need to go through a full practice just to warm our body up.”

Photo courtesy of Pixabay