What do Harrisites want under their Christmas trees this year?

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The holiday season is in full swing, and Harrisites only have two things on their mind: of course, a week off of school but also… What will be under their Christmas tree this year? The Classic interviewed students about what their holiday wishes are this year. 

Freshman, Adam Bhola

I want to get some nice gym equipment so I can work out from home without having to go [to the gym], and it’s something I’ve always been interested in. I also think [home gym equipment] in general, is a great way to be healthier without much effort because you already own the set so you decide your own work-out schedule.

Freshman, Kamryn Ellison

I want a lot [of gifts] this year, but some of my favorites are a purse, money, black socks, light purple Crocs, Pandora Bracelet (Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed)… I’ve been very “good” this year, so I’m definitely getting it all, and either way, I’m used to getting a lot of gifts on Christmas, so there’s that too.

Sophomore, Sebastian Morales

Honestly, I only really want an iPad Pro. It would be really useful for school, and I feel like it would help me a lot with organization. It’s definitely at the top of my list, along with the apple pen and a matching case.

Junior, Emma Cheng

This year I really want Doc Martin boots. All my friends have them, and they look so cute! They would match a lot of my outfits because I tend to wear cargo pants, and it’s basically the same style. I only have sneakers in my wardrobe, especially running sneakers, so it would be nice to add some boots to my shoe collection.

Senior, David Ghobryal

For Christmas, I’m not too into materialistic things, but I would really like a new water bottle. I’ve had mine for years, and as an athlete, it’s really important to always have a proper water bottle that keeps my drink cold. I would also like to change my status as an NPC and receive new room decor. I only have a desk, and a bed which I feel doesn’t fully show my personality. I would ask Santa for posters of my favorite musicians, a new vibrant coat of paint (at the moment I have beige), and a vinyl player.

Art by Zerlina Yau