The Phoenix contributes to Valentine’s Day fun with Mad Libs fundraiser

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Many Townsend Harris clubs took the opportunity to fundraise before and during Valentine’s Day. Among them was The Phoenix, the school’s literary magazine, which sold “Mad Libs” to students to give out to a valentine of their choosing.

“The way it worked was that people would come up to us at our sales and also in [Room 403] and ask to [purchase] a Mad Lib,” said Junior Quinnlan Burke, one of the Editors-in-Chief of The Phoenix. “You could fill it out with all the adjectives, nouns, and little words that kind of make it unique. But [it] also gives a template so it’s almost like a love letter. They’d write [on the mad lib] and then we delivered them [on Valentine’s Day].”

The template, design, and doodles for the Mad Libs were all made by members of The Phoenix. The Editors-in-Chief of the Phoenix consider the fundraiser to have been successful.. “It was kind of a last minute ‘we should do this idea.’ All that considering, I think it came out really well,” said Quinnlan.

The Phoenix had run the Mad-Libs sale in previous years, but has not held it recently. “The biggest goal was just bringing it back and having the student body be more familiar with it again, so I think we accomplished that. Next year, people will be more aware of it and it will become bigger again,” said Junior Ellison Daone, the other Editor-in-Chief of The Phoenix.

The Phoenix does not plan to run other holiday-themed sales during the year. “We don’t usually do fundraising in that sense. We usually do interactive events like the reading [event] we just [hosted] and we’re also planning some [future events],” said Ellison. “We sell primarily the magazines and the finals, and that’s how we make our money and put our work out there, so this was kind of a supplementary thing, buying into the whole Valentine’s Day craze.”