The reviews are in: Into the Woods offers an immersive and engaging experience


Richard Louis-Pierre

The Into the Woods cast at a dress rehearsal prior to the show’s premiere on Friday.

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Earlier this evening, The Nightingale Theatre Company invited members of The Classic to see this spring’s musical, Into the Woods, in advance of its opening this weekend. Three Classic writers attended the show and shared their reactions below. There will be three performances this weekend: an afternoon and evening show on Friday and an evening show on Saturday.

Sophomore Emma Lee:

Seeing the set for the first time was mind blowing. The two trees in the front made of tubes is so creative. I still cannot figure out how the big five tree trunks are made. The directors and cast paid attention to every little detail. With such a big set, you would think it would be difficult to change the setting, but this was not the case. Backstage moves small plants around on stage to show a different part of the woods, making the set feel alive and dynamic throughout the show. Moreover, the actors used the space inside the auditorium beyond the stage, making it feel like I was a part of the story. With the help of the tech crew, the lighting and loud sound system vibrating my seat  made the whole experience more surreal. Once you add in the music coming from the pit, everything feels tied together, making a unique atmosphere that stands out from other productions in the past. The special effects also caught me off guard. I constantly found myself on the edge of my seat whenever the characters sing together. The students of Townsend Harris always give a great show and Into the Woods is no different: it is definitely a show worth watching and a ticket worth purchasing.

Senior Janaya Sydney:

Immediately, as I walked into the auditorium it was as if I left Townsend Harris High School and physically went “into the woods.” As soon as the show begins, you can tell the amount of time and effort that went into this production. The show’s stage decorations and costume design left me amazed, but I particularly enjoyed the singing, which allowed for a more engaging and enjoyable experience. The sound effects that echoed throughout the auditorium made me feel as if I was on the stage myself with the rest of the characters. However, the stage wasn’t the limit for these young performers: several actors used the entire auditorium as their stage which constantly left me at the edge of my seat. The actors and actresses invested themselves completely into the characters they were playing, making Into the Woods one of my favorite theatrical performances I have seen at THHS. I would recommend everyone to see this play live because it is truly an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Senior Jasmin Perez: 

By including three separate houses, each representing the three main characters, the plot became easier to follow. I especially enjoyed the long, tall trunks of trees that were placed in the background, adding the illusion of deep, mysterious woods. The orchestra was wonderful as the small snippets of sound effects and mellow background kept me captivated. The music made the play interactive, as I became an active observer of each character’s journey. One particular design that caught my eye was the cow made of similar shaped wooden ovals, allowing the actors to easily walk around with it. It took a bit of time to get used to it, but it was a very creative way of bringing the cow to life. I first saw Into The Woods as a film, and I didn’t think such a multilayered movie would be as engaging on stage. However, the performers’ dedication to their characters, the detail-oriented work of the set design crew, and the diligence of the orchestra brought this wonderful story to life in the THHS auditorium.