Daniel Largana takes over as Girls Varsity Softball coach

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Daniel Largana, who coaches the JV Girls Volleyball Team in the Fall season, became the Girls Varsity Softball Team’s newest coach this year.

When he first started coaching softball, he overcame many struggles trying to adapt to the team. He said, “I think the one thing that always is difficult is creating an environment where the team feels comfortable playing and learning. I have noticed in my previous years as a coach, each athlete has a different learning and playing style.” With that being said, he tries to provide tips for each player in order to lead them into a successful season. 

Coach Dan is very enthusiastic about coaching softball because he enjoys every facet of the game. He is also eager “to be a part of such a great program” and looks forward to the rest of the season.

He loves seeing each and every player on the team improve and advance throughout the season. He said, “It is rewarding to see the girls on the team make great progress and show that they have what it takes to play competitively with some other great teams in the league.” He is confident that they can “create a strong competitive softball team” with their hard work and dedication. 

Junior Gabriella Renzi, a pitcher on the team, describes Coach Dan as funny, kind, and committed to his team. She said, “Coach Dan has put all his efforts into making sure this was a smooth transition for the whole team, and he’s gotten to know us really quickly.” Emma Wu, a freshman on the team, says he is “a super fun, but serious coach! Even when it’s game time, we joke around, but we still play seriously.”

He is an encouraging and inspiring coach to all of his players, including Sophomore Vivian Oksenhendler, who also had him as a coach when she was on the JV volleyball team. She says that “he always makes us work hard, despite the outcome of the game. However, he never makes us feel bad, which is really nice.” Emma also said, “he inspires [her] to do [her] best because he gives [her] pep talks and gives great tips to allow [her] to improve during the game.” 

Coach Dan described the players on the softball team as resilient. He said, “There have been times that we were down by a few runs, and after conversations with the team, they are able to overcome the obstacles that they are faced with.  They keep their heads up when they are faced with adversity and work hard to always do their best.” He looks up to the team’s bond, as he says, “there is a great sense of togetherness and support amongst the team.” Coach Dan is excited to be part of such a great team and can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds for the girls. 

The softball team’s current goal is to make the playoffs with their record of 6-6. Gabriella says in order to accomplish this, “we need to keep our energy high,” as well as to promote team spirit. With this mindset, they are sure to succeed.