Outdoor Track Coaches reflect on the season

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Girls Track

Tim Connor, the coach for Girl’s Outdoor Track, began his coaching career with his own children in Little League and progressed to coaching the Girl’s Outdoor team. Connor is also a mathematics teacher and dean at Townsend Harris High School. Going to college with a Track and Football scholarship, he has been in track for many years.

His goal as a coach is to get his “athletes to do the best that they physically can and to enjoy physical fitness for the rest of their lives.” There have been many “ups and downs” while coaching at THHS, he said. He has seen lots of great development: “People coming out who are trying to pass the mile run in Phys. Ed. and thought joining the track team would be helpful to ending up, three years later, being one of the top athletes in the city.”

Sophomore Nicole Wikiera has been a part of the outdoor track team since her freshman year and has had Connor as a coach for both spring seasons. She said that her coach is “very good at what he does.” She adds that he is “very attentive and is always there to help us by giving us pointers during our events”.

Puja Chanda, a freshman on the Girl’s Track team, feels the coaches are very helpful: “they are there for you when you need them, and they help you through every step.” 

Boys Track

George Rio, the coach for Boy’s Outdoor Track, has been coaching track since 1998. He ran track in high school and college and has always wanted to be a track coach since. As a coach, he desires to give every kid a good experience. When asked about his experience coaching at THHS, he said that “it’s been great, the kids are great, they listen, they are very determined and motivated, it’s been very nice.” 

Junior Chris Bhoodai has been doing outdoor track since sophomore year and has had Coach Rio for two years. He describes Rio as “phenomenal” because “outside of telling us great fundamentals of track and putting us through beneficial workouts, he is a funny person and gives us great life advice.” Sophomore Xavier Murphy adds that his favorite memories with the coaches range “from the van rides to our meets and our weight room conversations after track.”

Freshman Shaw Williams, shares that “Coach Rio and Coach B are some of the most amazing and demoted people you will ever meet, and they always do their best to give advice and tips to our track and field athletes, and they show how they truly care about each and every student. Although each student has their own struggles, the coaches use their many years of experience to nurture each and every student’s growth, which I see directly correlates with the track team’s success.”