The powers behind the Steel Hawks electrical subteam


Courtesy of Isaac Wong

The electrical subteam of the Steel Hawks is a crucial component of the team’s success.

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The Steel Hawks Robotics team runs various subteams in order to ensure competition victories. The electrical subteam, responsible for the efficiency and functionality of the robot, is one of nine subteams responsible for the inner workings of the robot. Robotics team member Dabynn Yi described the electrical subteam as “one of the most vital subteams in robotics…[since the electrical team] powers the entire robot.”

The team consists of eight people from every grade, and members focus on building the robot’s framework, including the board and circuit wiring. Additionally, they make use of a pneumatic system to drive pistons, which can then move the robot’s mechanical components.

Adam Gosine, a sophomore and a member of the subteam, said that this year the team “[used] several new Rev Robotic modules… to efficiently distribute power to all parts of the robot.”

Compared to some other subteams, this team is more beginner-friendly. Nevertheless, each team member must work diligently to finish the board as soon as possible to make room for other subteams.

“The subteam generally finishes the boards early on [and then] helps test mechanisms and sensors throughout the build season,” said Adam.

Finishing early ensures that team members have plenty of time to relax and build connections with one another. Future electrical lead junior Brandon Tendilla said that he’s already looking forward to working with the team again next year.

“[The electrical team is] a really close team,” he said.

Outgoing electrical lead senior Ariana Balanta said, “I am looking forward to seeing my underclassmen friends accomplish great things as they tackle next year’s challenge.”