For and Against: A safety net for the American people

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On October 1, the long awaited Affordable Healthcare Act, known as Obamacare, came into effect. Opponents have criticized the website’s performance and the complicated sign-up process, asking for a delayed launch. This delay will not and should not occur.

The Tea Party movement emphasizes the flaws of Obamacare, but ignores the benefits, one being that no person can be denied healthcare. Before Obamacare, almost all people with pre-existing medical conditions would be denied. This is now illegal; all people who apply for healthcare must be given a healthcare plan option.

Nearly 40 million people nationwide will be mandated to have healthcare on March 31, 2014, most of whom will be lower-class families and patients with a pre-existing condition. Obamacare gives these 40 million people just that little bit of security they need.

The most common complaint about Obamacare is that premiums—the amount the insurer pays—will go up. What critics fail to realize is that this likely would have happened regardless of any change. Most economists estimate that any type of healthcare reform, aside from universal healthcare, causes premiums to go up; it’s just the way the market reacts to such a massive piece of legislation.

Obamacare, just like every other huge piece of legislation, needs time. It has not even taken full effect, and people are already panicking and threatening to “move to Canada.”

Obamacare wasn’t designed to be perfect. It certainly isn’t, but it is definitely more effective than the overpriced and outrageous healthcare we have now.