Girls’ Track Team holds first "Nerf Evasion" dodgeball game

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Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge: dodgeball at Townsend Harris.  On Monday November 26 the Townsend Harris Girls’ Track Team hosted its first ever Nerf Evasion dodgeball game.

Previously scheduled for October 29, the game was postponed due to the one week off from school on account of Superstorm Sandy. Originally, the game was intended as a fundraiser for the team. However, due to the severe damage incurred by Sandy, the team opted to donate the proceeds towards Sandy relief.

Track team coach Adam Stonehill said, “We raised $2,010. Mr. Connor proposed the idea of directing the proceeds to Sandy victims.” When asked where the earnings would have went if  Sandy hadn’t hit, he replied that they would have gone towards offsetting meet, transportation, and uniform costs.

As for the actual games, the teachers bested each of the four grades, one by one. Only a combination of the freshmen and sophomores could defeat the teachers. Also, the juniors faced off against the seniors, however they came short, as the seniors ended up victorious. There was high praise lauded towards the teachers’ efforts. One freshman said, “The teachers were so much more aggressive and coordinated; the students provided a mediocre effort.” However, he did praise his own grade, saying, “The freshmen were definitely representing their grade with pride, outlasting every other grade.”

Senior Bashe Miller said, “I thought it was fun. It’s a creative way for the track team to raise money.”

Junior Nicholas Meyerson said, “I think the teachers obviously did a great job, they played like a team. All the student teams seemed really selfish. None of them really seemed like they cared to get their teammates back in the game, just to try and get other people out on their own.” When asked if he’d participate again, he said, “Honestly, not really. It was fun, but I think there were way too many people playing in just half the gym.”

Sophomore Yvonne Chen said, “The sophomores were actually moving and trying to hit the teachers.”

According to senior Bashe Miller, “It raised school spirit. I feel like students were cheering for each other regardless of what grade they were in. They were joined by a common cause, to defeat the teachers.”