Check out Nina Nesbitt

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Nina Nesbitt, an up-and-coming artist from Edinburgh, brings a pleasant mix of pop and acoustic sounds to her music. While her songs are easy to listen to, carrying a vibe reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, she runs the risk of fading in the face of more popular artists, as it seems like she has yet to find her identity as a musician.

Her music shows that she has true promise in the music industry, especially songs like “Boy” and “Statues,” the first being upbeat and adding an element different than the acoustic guitar that carries most of her songs. The latter takes on a whole new sound, with her vocals being accompanied by piano. This results in a simple, yet extremely effective sound, showing off her strong voice.

Her song, “Stay Out,” which is her biggest hit, peaking on the UK charts at number twenty-one, has a folksy sound, and is impossible to resist singing along to. This song takes a stab at the stereotypes of people today, who “think they’re from the 60s but were born in 1991.”

“Way In The World,” is about working towards your dreams in life, even when it feels like “you’re falling under.” This seems to provide some insight into Nesbitt’s life, who is surely working hard to become a successful musician.

“Just Before Goodbye,” and  “The Apple Tree,” focus on relationships and heartbreak, which are relatable topics, if not overdone.

Overall, Nesbitt has a lot of talent as a singer songwriter, with charming vocals, and easygoing instrumentals. Her songs are relatable and catchy, and she shows a lot of potential as a singer. She’s definitely an artist to look out for, as her sound matures and as she figures out who she really is as a musician.