Frozen-mania still hot one year later

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November 27 marks the one-year anniversary of Disney’s Frozen, the movie responsible for a cultural phenomenon that is far from “thawing out.” Even though it has been a year since its initial release, Frozen is still very much in-demand.

Many people believe that the soundtrack has played a major role in the movie’s reception and success.

Freshman Udipto Chowdhury explained, “I think people reacted [to] the movie Frozen [so greatly] because of the song ‘Let It Go.’”

The Frozen soundtrack, with “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel as its most prominent single, certainly became the unofficial childrens’ album of the year.

Social studies teacher Alex Wood and Assistant Principal of Humanities Rafał Olechowski shared this sentiment, stating that both their children still love and sing along to the songs.

Mr. Wood admitted to knowing the lyrics to the songs verbatim due to his daughter’s obsession with the movie. At first, Mr. Olechowski confessed to initially not liking both the movie and its soundtrack, but reveals it has grown on him since.

The franchise is quickly expanding to television, broadway, and coincidentally, ice.

Frozen on Ice made its debut in September, starting its nationwide tour in Florida.

Mr. Wood finds it difficult to predict its status as a Disney classic, stating  “the history teacher in me says that there are major fads that are really big and then eventually die out, so I’m not sure if Frozen will become a classic in the next 30 years.”

Nonetheless he is planning on seeing Frozen on Ice with his daughter when it comes to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Early this September, Frozen debuted on the hit television show Once Upon a Time, where fans can see living representations of their favorite characters, such as Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff