Townsend Trends: Velvet

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Velvet has been everywhere these days, and it’s no surprise. Last year velvet took a permanent position as one of Fall’s most popular fashion trends.

From fun prints to interesting textures, designers have found new and innovating ways to incorporate velvet into everyday fashion. Velvet can be found on just about anything including shoes, pants and bralettes. Brands all over the place are even releasing collections that are strictly velvet. For example, Adidas released an entire velvet collection that includes tracksuits, short sleeved and long sleeved shirts and leggings, all found in different colors. In addition, American Eagle has posted ads on Instagram that are specifically centered on velvet.

Keep in mind that there are actually two types of velvet. There is the normal velvet and crushed velvet. Normal velvet is completely smooth and is more likely to have a pattern incorporated into it. 

Crushed velvet has more of a rough texture because the fibers don’t all go in the same direction, this creates an interesting look as the light reflects off of the clothing. The caption on this Aerie ad (to the right) even includes a pun about crushed velvet, “we’ve got a crush… velvet is here!”

Students at Townsend are certainly catching on to this velvet trend. On Founder’s Day, all the girls who performed in the chorus group wore velvet. When asked if the outfits were planned, junior Olivia O’Reilly says, “Yes, because Dr. Sato wanted an outfit that was stylish but playful.” In addition, sophomore Natalia Madera says, “I love the way velvet looks and feels. It is really cute and can be worn with anything.” This goes to show that velvet can also be worn formally and not just casually.