Track team shines at MLK Relays

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When it comes to track meets, the Martin Luther King Relays is unique in that it only allows only relay events. By the end of this year’s meet on January 20, the Townsend Harris girls varsity team had come in sixth place and the freshman girls were in fifth.

​Katie Kang, senior and captain of Townsend Harris girls’ indoor track team, earned her title as one of the top racewalkers in the nation by breaking the PSAL record in the 1500 meter racewalk, an event requiring the athlete to keep one straight foot in contact with the track at all times.

Two of the THHS racewalk relay teams placed first and third respectively, with personal records for junior Tahsin Akanda and sophomore Karen Su.

In the 4×800, a four person relay with each athlete running 800 meters, Yasmeen Ally, freshman and the first leg of her relay team, ran a personal record of 2:37.

Though Yasmeen is proud of the personal records of many individuals on the team, she she feels that Townsend Harris “is even stronger when we work together.”

​Ivy Lam, freshman, also noted the team effort this meet built. “When someone runs slower than her usual time, the other teammates are there to make up for it, and we’re all there for each other.”

​Evan Mancini, sophomore, cleared a height of 9’6” in pole vault, giving him a personal record and placing him in the top five. Thomas Sullivan, junior, ran a personal record of 0:59 for his relay team in the 4×400.

​“I would personally like to watch the President’s Inauguration instead of coming here [Armory] and running,” said Zach Ooi, sophomore; despite this, both he and junior Kyle Su ran personal records for their 4×800 relay.

​Though Martin Luther King Relays “inconveniently” takes place on a day off from school, “it does prepare you for the relays (4×200, 4×400, 4×800) which we run at Queens Champs and City Champs,” said Dwayne Burnett, commissioner of PSAL Track and Field.

​Queens Champs is February 17 and both the Townsend Harris boys and girls track teams are working harder during practice, and are eager to defend their titles as best in Queens.