Townsend Harris’ Badminton Bash A Success

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On December 9, Townsend Harris High School held the Badminton Doubles Bash tournament  to raise money for new equipment for a new badminton gym elective. Physical Education teachers Ray Adamkiewicz, Lauren Caiaccia, and Maria Assante planned the event.

There were 24 participants of varying grades in the tournament. However, it was juniors Stacey Zhang and Christian Foronda who won the tournament. Christian stated, “While I was on the court, I could really tell [that] the players were excited.” In response to the turnout, he added, “Honestly, I was surprised at the turnout and can’t believe it pulled through as well as it did.”

“I would rate it outstandingit was very much a success. We had a full entry in terms of competitors and were able to raise a decent amount of money to be able to buy equipment for the physical education program in the spring,” said Ms. Caiaccia. Because of the large turnout and success of the fundraiser, it is definite that badminton will be a unit for the freshman in the spring of the 2015 to 2016 academic year.

Mr. Adamkiewicz added, “We were very pleased with the outcome. It was very successful, we met our goals.”

Freshman Anjalee Laikhram, a spectator at the bash, said, “This was an effective way to raise money for a badminton unit. I am really looking forward to this badminton unit, [and] I think it will be very exciting.”

Senior Jaskirat Singh further stated, “I think the event was fun and I am excited to see what next year’s team would look like with the new equipment.”