The Girls Varsity Basketball Team Remains Strong

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Although having lost ten seniors the previous season, the girls varsity basketball team has remained strong. Despite a large influx of incoming players, the girls have been able to retain a 10-2 record this season and spirits have remained high.

Senior Tanja Miketic expressed her optimism for this year’s team despite the big loss of seniors. “So far we have exceeded expectations, even with a young team, and I see a lot of potential for the future of this team.”

Junior Marina Aweeda added “Overall I’m very proud of the hard work we’ve put in this season, and I think we’re doing a great job. We’ve been improving as a team and playing better and better each game.“

Lauren Caiaccia, the coach of the basketball team said, “I think the big challenge here was not the loss of seniors but building a chemistry and a bond between all the new players coming together.”

The team has been strong and competitive during the first half of the season but has unfortunately lost to William C. Bryant High School and Benjamin Cardozo High School while they played them on the road.

Ms.Caiaccia expressed one of her goals this season “my objective is to prepare the girls both mentally and physically to beat both Cardozo and Bryant when we face them at home.” According to Ms.Caiaccia, the girls have been steadily improving by working on everything from basic fitness, speed, and agility drills to proper form in free throws and jump shots while working on different defensive and offensive strategies. She noted, “We have been working really hard on things like taking on charges and physical contact so that our team is one of the toughest teams out there.”

Tanja, on the other hand, mentioned that the team has also been focusing on team abilities. “We have been working on having more communication on the court, getting more rebounds, and reading the defense to make smooth offensive plays,” she concluded.