Winter carnival

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It is finally the end of the fall semester and the aftermaths of finals week have wore off. To usher in the new semester, the Student Union hosted its annual Winter Carnival on Thursday, February 2 in the gymnasium.

In the past, the Winter Carnival was held in the cafeteria. The cafeteria, however, was too small to hold all the different booths and people.

SU President Alex Chen explained, “The change of location from the cafeteria to the gym was meant [to] solve the problems of the carnival being too crowded or too hot.”

The Winter Carnival is an interactive way of raising money for the school’s clubs and teams, ranging from Robotics to Varsity Volleyball, each with their own unique set-up.

Physics teacher David Stern attended the Winter Carnival for the first time, while supervising the Robotics table.

“My job was to stand in place for an hour, while wearing a welding helmet. I was minding my own business, when an army of students began firing arrows at me,” he joked.

Mr. Stern enjoyed the Winter Carnival overall, especially JSA’s butterbeers. “I had three of them,” he admitted.

Towards the end of the carnival, the Varsity Volleyball table began to hand out free goldfish to people.  

“Although the point of the event was to make money for organizations at school, it was better to see people happy getting something they liked,” said junior Boris Akbashev, who was one of the volleyball players distributing the fish.

“I would say this is one of the best events at Townsend,” concluded sophomore Dillon Cortes.