New chemistry lab opens

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As of Friday, the long-awaited chemistry lab on the sixth floor is now open for use by classes.

The new lab features an entirely new facility with new technology such as a fume hood as well as six brand new lab tables, storage for backpacks and lab supplies.  

The lab was set to open in the last school year, but due to construction delays, the opening date was postponed to this year.  

Assistant Principal of Organization Ellen Fee explains, “[The lab] was not completed. There was still some plumbing checks and others certifications” that needed to be fulfilled before opening.

For the past few years, there has only been one usable lab on the six floor for all science classes to use.  This has presented many conflicts, most especially with scheduling and zero band time slots.

Chemistry teacher Adel Kadamani explains that while the lab was under construction, scheduling became increasingly difficult as both biology and chemistry classes had to share one lab.

He says, “We had it so that biology classes met earlier in the week and chemistry classes met later in the week.”  He also elaborated further, saying that this is also the reason why many science classes do not perform labs during their zero band time slot.  

Ms. Fee also adds that “a lot of labs were given in regular classrooms” due to lack of space.

Mr. Kadamani says that now the new lab is open, the classes will be more likely to complete their labs during their scheduled zero band lab.