Fall-ing in love with Spot’s special-edition menu

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By Jacqueline Cho and Cindy Guan, staff writers

With the change of the seasons, Spot Dessert Bar has adapted its Fall menu accordingly with the addition of two new dishes, the Big Orange and the Cornival.

The Big Orange definitely lives up to its name in terms of appearance—the bright orange layer covering the mousse caught our attention as the waiter served the dish to our table. Cutting into the dessert proved to be a difficult task, as the base was a hard pastry, but the contrasting light milk chocolate mousse gave the overall delicacy a complementary texture.

Although the menu’s description claims that a hint of orange is present in the mousse, it was barely detectable because of the overpowering taste of the chocolate. However, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a tiny orange segment hidden under the layers of chocolate, brownie, and vanilla crème brûlée at the very center of the dessert.

To celebrate the fall harvest of America’s most important grain, Spot devised a festive dish for its equally festive name in honor of—you guessed it—corn. The Cornival consists of a rich corn semifreddo molded into the shape of corn and served on top of simple but flavorsome cornbread, all of which were plated on a leaf.

The unmistakable sweetness of corn and the creaminess of the semifreddo pair well with the crumbly texture of the cornbread. The dish was accessorized with a few pieces of caramel kettle corn and delicate drops of thick salted caramel syrup, which added a nice and savory crunch to the dessert. The dessert was not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to eat for the most part, although cutting into the semifreddo proved to require some effort.

Spot was able to successfully incorporate elements of autumn into these creative dishes. We recommend the Big Orange to all chocolate lovers because every mouthful provides a rich taste of chocolate. To those who want a less rich but equally satisfying sweet, the Cornival is perfect for you. The corn is extremely prominent in the semifreddo and gives a unique twist that makes it as good, or arguably better, than the classic fruity flavors. In addition to these fall-appropriate dishes, Spot is introducing a new limited selection to their takeout menu of milk buns next Friday, October 13th: the Thai Tea Crème Brûlée Milk Bun. Enjoy this sweet while it lasts on the menu—you have until Halloween!