Streetwear: No Longer a Casual Affair

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By Tamanna Saidi and Halima Tokhi, staff writers

Streetwear is no longer just a style worn by casual, everyday teenagers roaming the streets of cities worldwide. It has now become a style that is taking over the runway, blurring the lines of “high fashion” and “casual urban wear.”

As streetwear gains popularity across several nations, there seems to be an increasing number of people asking how to perfect the technique of rocking streetwear and what types of clothing constitute as streetwear.

Students define this increasingly popular style in various ways.

Sophomore Luis Roman states, “Streetwear consists of brands such as Supreme, Bape, Kith, Stüssy, Thrasher, Diamond supply, Off-White, Palace, Fear of God, and Vlone.”

Junior Nick Oltean believes that streetwear is based off of a very individualistic perspective. He states, “Streetwear is a contemporary attire that expresses any sort of style that a person wants to achieve.”

Senior Rabia Khan comments, “As of right now, rap music is very dominant in terms of influencing and pushing the current trends. ”

Junior Tyler Conway adds, “Streetwear is not easily pulled off by everyone because the individual needs to have the personality that matches the outfit. An expensive outfit doesn’t mean you have the attitude that comes with rocking it.”

Many of the brands associated with streetwear are also associated with being very pricey as well as unattainable due to the rarity of them.

Junior Joshua Villas states, “Getting these clothes for retail is a very hard process as you have to compete with everyone else that wants it as well. Sometimes you get lucky and successfully order what you want, but most of the time you will not be fast enough. If I can not get the clothes for retail, I turn to the resale market where you can buy the clothes but for extreme markups.”

However, streetwear doesn’t always mean spending an immense amount of money in order to look fashionable and runway ready.

Junior Anjalee Laikhram shares, “The brands that scream ‘streetwear’ to me are Zara, Mango, Banana Republic, and Bershka. I know these stores are somewhat pricey for some customers, but there are always sales throughout the year with as much as 70 percent off.”

Senior Olivia Piechonski adds, “I love to go thrift shopping and shop around as much as possible. Although I only find a few really good pieces here and there, it saves me a lot of money and I’m still able to dress fashionably and trendy but just at a really good price.”

There are several different entertainers, models, and others in that realm, who constantly inspire the fashion choices of previously stated students as well as thousands of people globally.

Tyler remarks, “Asap Rocky, Travis Scott, and Reece King are some of the most interesting influencers for my streetwear because they don’t wear overkill outfits. They are styled well and appealingly.”

Junior Asiya Koli adds her own person of interest, “I absolutely love Zendaya Coleman’s sense  of style—it’s very different from basic trends and she isn’t afraid to step outside her comfort zone.”

Anjalee deems Barbadian pop singer, Rihanna, as her own inspiration, “I love all of her outfits; especially those from her 2000’s era.”