Disney is raising stars to the next level

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She’s more than the Disney star on Shake It Up.  Way more.

Not only was Zendaya the youngest contestant ever on Dancing With The Stars, but she’s also signed to Disney’s American record label, Hollywood Records at only seventeen years old.

Zendaya’s latest single, “Replay,” speaks for itself. When you hear it, you truly “wanna put this song on replay.” The song combines three genres: pop, R&B, and electronic. The sounds in her music are nothing new, but her incredible voice makes up for it.The music video for “Replay” was set in an abandoned warehouse. It started out with her dancing in front of a mirror, and by the middle she was joined by a whole crew. She can obviously dance very well, but the choreography could have been better. Also, there was no storyline in the video. The video was still very good for a seventeen-year-old, better produced than most videos these days. The song and video were mature and full of talent. Zendaya’s future of super stardom awaits her.

R5 also signed to Hollywood Records. R5 is a group of four siblings and a close friend to the siblings. It consists of Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Lee Ratliff, hence the name R5. Ross Lynch, the most famous out of the group, is also a Disney star, featured on the show Austin and Ally and in Teen Beach Movie. The Lynch family loved to perform from a young age. R5 is a very close band. “I’ve been performing with these guys my whole life,” says Ross. “When they aren’t there I feel a piece of me is missing.” Their debut single was “Pass Me By,” the kind of pop song you can bob your head to. The chorus was definitely the highlight of the song. The lyrics tell a story about a shy boy crushing on a girl and trying to get her attention. Even if she messes him up, he can’t let her walk on by. Rumors say this is about Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. The lyrics are a bit corny. One line says, “I was solo living YOLO,” and another quips, “Yeah hanging with the boys and all your senoritas.” The video, on the other hand, doesn’t exactly tell the story from the lyrics, but still includes couples hanging out and having fun by a lake. Another setting in the video is of the group singing the song with instruments in the sunset. The spotlight is mostly on Ross Lynch: most of the singing is done by him and he is seen throughout most of the video. Both the video and song give off a good vibe.

Hollywood Records has added these two new talented artists to their record label. Both R5 and Zendaya’s debut singles are growing in number of Youtube views and popularity, but they deserve more. You would expect Disney songs to be childish, but they have catchy beats. With time, they may be able to reach the popularity of Selena Gomez, another artist signed to Hollywood Records.