Get deserted on Sushi Island

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Fusion restaurants have been gaining ground since the 1970s. However, even today, they are still considered innovative as they combine various cuisines into one. Arguably, the most popular style of fusion cuisine is Asian fusion. Located on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst, Sushi Island is a petite Thai and Japanese restaurant. It serves a unique selection of well-known food and beverages from both cultures.

The first item I tried, Island Red Curry, is considered a signature dish at the restaurant. This smooth and creamy curry is actually bright orange from the addition of coconut milk. It is very sweet, yet also has a mildly intensifying spiciness. White chicken meat tends to be drier than dark meat, but in this dish, the chicken remains quite juicy. Inside the curry there is also a variety of vegetables including red and green bell peppers, onions, and eggplants. This hearty and quite nutritious entree goes well with rice and is terrific for sharing. This casual restaurant is an excellent place to go to with friends, a date, and even family for lunch or dinner.

Being quite small, it may get crowded especially during dinner time, so you might want to keep that in mind.

The restaurant does delivery as well; conveniently, you can order online, so why wouldn’t you want to try their food?