A Stuy counselor joins the THHS team


Photo by Rebekah Jones

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Mr. Jeremy Wang is Townsend Harris’s new guidance counselor, replacing Ms. Adrienne Nasser.

Photo by Rebekah Jones
Photo by Rebekah Jones

Although new to THHS, Mr. Wang has been a guidance counselor for seventeen years in the New York City Department of Education. In an introductory letter, he described his credentials, which include his Master of Science Degree in Counselor Education, and his Permanent License as a Bilingual (English and Chinese) Guidance Counselor.

A former guidance counselor of nine years at Stuyvesant High School, he feels that his experiences there will help meet the needs of the students at THHS.

Both schools have high expectations for their students as they are “the best students in their respective middle schools–intelligent, motivated, hardworking, involved, etc.” At the same time, they face similar issues that he has been exposed to.

Although he likes meeting in groups to get a sense of guidance and information, Mr. Wang prefers individual meetings because it allows him to learn about students intimately.

With his guidance, “[he] hopes all THHS students turn out to be happy, healthy and successful individuals.”

Unlike most “office-bound counselor[s] [who] wait for students to open up to [them],” Mr. Wang loves to work directly with students and thinks that the best way to build rapport with them is to converse in places familiar to them or “scenarios where they are themselves.”

He hopes to learn more about the students before taking on the task of writing their recommendation letter.

Mr. Wang wants them to “attend a college that is the best ‘fit’ for them” by acknowledging their academic accomplishments, but he must first discover “their personality, aspirations, [and] needs.”

Even though he finds it challenging to learn about over seventy individuals in a short amount of time, he states, “I am determined and confident that I will meet the challenge well.”