Fourth band lunch launched


Photo by Hailey Lam

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For the first time, numerous Harrisites have fourth band lunch in their schedules. With the traditional lunch bands still offered, the new lunch band came about to allow for more scheduling flexibility.

The addition of the new lunch band allows for more options when it comes to scheduling since in previous years students had to be programmed for lunch during only three possible bands. Thinning out the number of students eating lunch in any given band makes it more even when filling up classes. This provides new time slots for electives and classes so that they are available for more students.

Before coming to THHS, Principal Anthony Barbetta was the principal at Thomas Edison High School, where he had witnessed schedules with six different lunch bands. “If we didn’t [have the new band] we might have class until four o’clock and I’m not sure students would like that,” he said.

Students expressed confusion after they received their schedules in June listing the new lunch band.

Many responded to the change negatively, focusing on the timing of the lunch band as a primary issue. Fourth band begins at 10:36 A.M. and ends at 11:18 A.M. Many students feel this is too early to eat, and makes the afternoon feel longer than it should.

Junior Georja Fotiou commented on the time: “I think it’s breakfast. They should serve bagels because it’s a more suitable meal for that time of the day.”

Freshman Abby Colette felt similarly, saying “fourth band lunch is more like fourth band breakfast.”

Staff members, such as Mr. Paul Sforza, have a more neutral state of mind regarding the change. Mr. Sforza feels that the new lunch band makes the different lunch bands more evenly spaced out.

He said “there are pros and cons to a fourth band lunch. It makes my job longer but on theother hand I do see how it has helped alleviate some of the pressure on the school because the lunch periods are more even.”