Get ready for the next big SING!

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SING Semore Practice - KariLate in September, Semore directors Dimitri Perdik and Nina Leeds and Freshior directors Nadia Khan and Elina Niyazov held their annual SING! auditions. Taking place in the cafeteria and auditorium, these auditions attracted singers, dancers, actors, artists, tech crew, and anyone willing to work either on or offstage.

Students who choose to engage in this after-school activity automatically receive a spot; however, all of the prospective members have to undergo auditions to evaluate their level of skill. Vocalists are typically expected to prepare a song, while actors usually present a line reading. The directors evaluate choreographers on pre-prepared dance routines for students to follow.

Elina explained, “the no-cut policy is a great way to get everyone involved; it promotes equality and gives everyone a chance to be a part of this wondrous experience.”

Dimitri and Nina shared this sentiment, stating that SING! not only allows all students to show off their talents, but lets them experiment with the different roles in the performance.

Oftentimes, students are accustomed to interacting with others in their own grade. Consequently, they lack communication with those in other grades. Nadia has high hopes “to break the normal ‘high school hierarchy’” and “let the grades blend a bit more,” since cooperation is pivotal to a great show. Regarding the performance, which is centered around childhood TV shows, Nina and Dimitri promised “a ton of surprises that no one is going to want to miss.”

Freshman Kathy Ling, a member of the art division, expected SING! to be a pastime that offers great experience. Sophomore Caitlin Cassidy, a first time actor for SING!, hoped that she could enjoy the company of her friends and just “have a blast.” The directors of both the Freshior and Semore divisions were avid participants in SING! in previous years, and wish to use their knowledge of past experiences to create a successful production. The advisors of this performance include COSA and Science teacher Sarah Oberlander, and Humanities teacher Jessica  Stillman. Ms. Stillman expressed her excitement about this annual production and her satisfaction in advising the Semores. Ms. Stillman said, “being a part of it is even more exciting for me! The directors and student camaraderie is truly impressive.”

This year, the Freshiors assigned separate instructors in dance, dividing contemporary and hip-hop dancers, and new leaders for the instrument division.

The production is set for the nights of November 21 and 22.