Spring concert split


Photo by Adam Sosnicki

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THIS YEAR, Townsend Harris’s annual spring concert was divided into two nights — May 21 and May 28 — in order to accommodate the performances of new music classes.

“The spring concert includes more groups than the winter because the beginning bands and the beginning strings are in it,” said music teacher Peter Lustig. “As we add more and more groups, the concerts got longer and longer, and each group had less and less time to play.”

The previous year, THHS’s spring concert lasted close to three hours, ending a little before 10PM. Despite this duration, each group was only able to play around three songs. With two separate nights of performances, each group was now allotted four or five pieces.

Senior Eial Kestleman, a trombonist in band, was concerned that there would be less variety in the shows since orchestra and chamber music would be playing on a separate night, but liked the idea of having more time to play.