A walking gallery: street art in the city

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Artist all over New York City, whether published or unpublished, make their work known. These countless examples of street art in our city transform isolated homes into a united community.

Scattered throughout Astoria, Queens are over 130 examples of classic New York wall art. The Welling Court Mural Project, hosted every year, allows artists to come together and paint different surfaces all over the area.

Junior Irene Anastasi says she spends a lot of her time in Astoria because of the many activities to do in the area and the countless pieces of artwork to see.

The art featured in this public exhibit ranges in its underlying message, but still manages to convey something insightful despite lacking words.

One of Irene’s favorite murals is a collage of different elements from Greek culture since she is Greek herself.

The works of art include the many diverse religions and cultures found throughout Astoria and New York City as a whole.

A more well-known and polished set of unpublished works of artists in the city is on the High Line in Manhattan. This old-railroad-station-turned-above-ground-park features murals on the sides of buildings both full of color or monochromatic.

Some of the High Line’s most famous murals include the “Kiss Mural” and, a favorite of many, the “Love is the Answer” mural.

Senior Alyssa Chao explains why the “Love is the Answer” mural is her favorite, saying, “I think [the message is] absolutely true and we often forget that sometimes. Also, I like the irony and contrast between Einstein, a scientist, and the rather non-scientific ‘answer’ he holds up.”

Although these murals have recently been painted over , there are still more to see, as well as sculptures along the walk.

Many students feel that the High Line is a great stop to visit, including senior Amanda Lin, who explains, “It’s a great location for taking photos not just because of the murals, but because of the amazing views and architecture of the actual High Line itself.”

An ever-evolving and funkier choice of street art is the graffiti hall of fame on Park Avenue. This features art from anyone that has a can of spray paint.

The area surrounding the outdoor artwork is full of recreational activities which add to the neighborhood vibe the art gives off.

Some Townsend Harris High School students have their own personal favorite spots of hidden art.

Junior Leah Harrigan says, “Most of the street art that I see isn’t in one specific place but all around the Soho/Little Italy area in the city,” including the angel wings wall located in Soho and the Audrey Hepburn mural located in Little Italy.

Sophomore Matthew Neil finds much of his photographic inspiration in Soho, Manhattan.

The art that’s found in all of these areas is not tarnished by an outside voice or restriction; it is whatever that person is feeling at that moment which really speaks through. This is what makes street art so special and meaningful.