MACBAR: A Cheesy Innovation

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By Jessica Brite and Alyssa Nepomuceno, staff writers

Usually found out of KRAFT boxes and Velveeta cups, everyone’s favorite comfort food is taken to the next level in this macaroni and cheese bar tucked in the middle of Prince Street. Offering everything from the “Margarita Mac” to the “Mayan Chipotle”, everyone is bound to find their perfect match when visiting the MACBAR.

Located east of SoHo, the restaurant is easy accessible through the R and F train. Upon first entering the MACBAR, it is immediately made known that the space is small, only seating about 10 to 12 people at a time. Although all available seats were taken when we first entered, we were able to sit down as soon as our orders were ready. The small space creates the perfect atmosphere for when you decide to dine-in, but the takeout and delivery service allows customers to enjoy their dishes from the comfort of their own homes.

During our visit we ordered the “Four Cheese” and the “Cheeseburger Mac”. The Four Cheese consisted of queso blanco, fontina, emmental, and gouda cheese. With all cheeses being mixed in, it had an extremely creamy consistency and caused for every forkful to leave a trail of cheese in its wake. Everything from the macaroni itself to the burnt cheese curling up the corners of the tin worked together to make a decadent version of a home-style classic.

The “Cheeseburger Mac” was in a sense a deconstructed cheeseburger, however the addition of the macaroni gave it a new dimension in terms of taste. Comprised of ground angus beef, American cheese, and cheddar, fans of burgers in general would be tempted to order this.

Every dish at the MACBAR starts with the basics, macaroni and cheese, then the flavor continues to build from there. For those who may not be able to choose right away, diners can choose “The Classic,” keeping it simple with elbow macaroni, American cheese, and cheddar cheese.

Their menu allows you to choose from a small, medium or large serving of your order. Although we had both ordered small orders, we had both ended up bringing our leftovers. The MACBAR also has a variety of drinks available separate from your purchase such as lemonades, sodas, and water.

The MACBAR is great for those wanting to find that extra kick in a classic that makes you feel at home all the while.