Ms. Pizzichillo retires after decade at THHS


Photo by Yash Sharma

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After ten years of working alongside eight different principals in her 25 year career span,  Secretary Teresa Pizzichillo is retiring.

She began working at THHS in September 2005 and considers herself very lucky, stating, “I accidently put myself in excess by filling out a job preference sheet, and I was placed here at Townsend Harris High School.”

Pizzichillo has presided over a position that has evolved to one where the secretary has become more of a liaison between the school and the community rather than performing strictly secretarial duties. Her position focuses on creating a welcoming environment for parents and school community by working with the principal, school leadership team, parent associations and community groups.

Principal Barbetta claimed,“She was always dedicated to the students and staff. She helps the school run smoothly from helping to coordinate AP exams to  the music program in the school.” He added that she she made his transition to THHS “seamless.”

Ms. Pizzichillo considers herself to be blessed in her present life. She stated, “I can honestly say that although totally different in personality, each [principal] taught me something valuable. Their personalities ranged from arrogant to state to charming to happy-go-lucky.”

She considers Mr. Barbetta to be fair, friendly and family oriented, and mentioned, “thanks to him, my last three years of employment have been wonderful.”

Mr. Barbetta reciprocated the appreciation, “I can always rely on her and will always appreciate her friendship.’

As for the future, she mentioned that she doesn’t like having plans and is going to “take each day as it comes.”

“I know that I love to cook, garden, and treasure hunt, but I’ll now have time to uncover some hidden talents.  I am most looking forward to devoting more time to my family, especially my new granddaughter.”