FON 2023 stages four shows, showcasing dancing talent from around the world


Karen Lin

Seniors in celebrate their time in FON on stage for the finale.

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Townsend Harris High School’s annual Festival of Nations show (FON) presented four performances across March 10 and 11, with various dances from a wide array of cultures. The show featured original direction and choreography by THHS students.

Following the performances, various dancers said they were proud of the work that went into the production.

Freshman Samantha Rosales, a member of K-FON (Korean FON) said, “The people in FON made [the experience] fun because they were really outgoing, and we practiced so much, which led to an amazing performance. K-FON also had many inexperienced dancers, and I feel like after this long journey, everyone learned how to dance. Not to mention, the outfits were also amazing.”

Sophomore Xander Webster, a member of African American FON, Hispanic FON, and Caribbean FON, said “FON was really amazing this year. I was part of three [FONs] and they were all really good, but my personal favorite was Caribbean. The whole thing was truly an amazing experience.”

Senior Elaine Hung, a member of Chinese Feather Fan, said, “I think a lot of hard work needs to be dedicated to FON, but that makes the end product much more satisfying.”

While many agree that the performance was well worth the hours put into it, the experience was also a learning curve for FON leaders and participants. “I thought it was all very hectic. It was fun but I also felt that a lot of things were changing at the last minute, and the communication was spotty. Personally, I think it was a good experience but also a learning one too,” said Chinese Iron Fan leader junior Sophia Shi.

Freshman Maimuna Kader said that being part of FON had its highs and lows, with deciding which FONs to commit to being most difficult, especially due to some of the expenses involved for costumes. Nonetheless, Maimuna said, “Overall, FON exceeded my expectations with the efforts from our school.”

Freshman Alina Bhuyan, member of Bollywood FON, said, “Just being together with everyone and feeling excited before the show was something I’ll always remember. It was fun just dancing and cheering backstage for everyone.”