Softball team wins against Franklin K. Lane

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The girls softball team faced off against a difficult and well-matched opponent, Franklin K. Lane Campus High school at Kissena Corridor on April 24. THHS won 21-11 in six innings of play.

Prior to the game, junior Debra Chan said, “We just want to play hard and come out with a win.”

Teammate junior Kimberly Newman agreed, saying, “I went into the game feeling confident about my team, knowing that we would play well, especially since we beat Franklin K. Lane before.”

Franklin K. Lane led the game early with a 5-3 lead in the first inning, but by the third inning, THHS gained and held on to their lead. Junior Stephanie Yeh led the team with five runs and had several key plays. In one of the plays, Stephanie slid into third base and the defensive third baseman fell on top of her. Stephanie’s run was safe and her hustling fired up her team. In addition, junior Alexa Luciano led the team with five runs batted in. Senior captain Bianca Dilan pitched a great game with ten strikeouts and led the team with four hits.

The final score was 21-11, in favor of THHS. Coach Fountoulis was proud of her team for coming back from an early deficit. Kimberly said, “After the game, I felt that we definitely fought hard. We were down at first, but we pushed through to get the win. Coach was proud of us for not giving up, even when we were down.”

The THHS softball team was second in their division after this game.