Club Spotlight: Tuesday’s Children, Tomorrow’s vision

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When Townsend Harris students recite the Ephebic Oath, they pledge to leave their city greater than they found it. Tuesday’s Children, a club that meets Mondays in room 404, fulfills that oath, discussing hard topics and making their mark on the world.

Tuesday’s Children was founded immediately after the events of September 11, 2001, aiming to support families of the victims. Today it has expanded and strives to aid those affected by other tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The THHS chapter is run by its student president, junior Sangida Akter, and has a group of members that meet and discuss the injustices in the world. It is not as well known as other charity groups, and THHS hosts the only high school chapter.

The club’s most known event is the annual creation of the “Hands of Hope” banner, which “aims to promote the idea of healing and support within our school for those who were impacted by this tragedy [the 9/11 attacks],” Sangida explains.

Sangida describes Tuesday’s Children  as “a tight knit group of friends who are excited to come together and laugh, fool around, and share some deep and moving stories and thoughts.”

Junior Alexis Castro describes “The club’s purpose is to spread awareness to global issues, and project our energy into donating and helping others in need.”

Alexis further explains the club’s work ethic “ we choose a global issue to focus on, and explore more of it through watching videos, engaging in activities, or occasionally debating. From there we try to think of ways in which we can make others more aware of the issue, or work towards getting involved and helping.”

Regarding potential members, Sangida says “ if you’re willing to be exposed to new and different ideas, experiment, and bond with a group of people who feel strongly about injustice, then come through and join the family!”